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2017 NWSS Grand Champion Bull


Yak, Bull Calf (male) | Imperial Trim

IYAK - Appendix# 2D 092 (B2) | DOB: 7/17/2016 (3 yrs)


Reserve Grand Champion Bull at 2015 NWSS


Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Appendix# B-030DOB: 4/17/20145 yrs
Parker is our breeding bull. He has great composition and is pretty wooly, but not a fluff ball. He knows his name and will come running for treats. At the 2015 Denver Western Stock Show he was awarded Reserve Grand Champion Bull in addition to Blue Ribbons for the Pen Show and Halter Show. His sire is SBR-Buck.
 IYAK - Appendix# B-030 Royal
ILYA Ervilla Daisy


Kovacs won the 2017 National Western Stock Show Halter Show Grand Champion prize as well as first place in his class in the Pen Show and Halter Show.

His sire is SBR-Parker B030 and dam is ILYA-Vill. Parker is the son of SBR-Buck, grandson of SBR-Chewbacca and great-grandson of SBR-Dreadlock.

ILYA-Vill is daughter of HPY-Yogan and ILYA Violet Van Winkle.

Kovacs is a large boy at 12 mos. and should be as large as his father. He takes treat readily, but is respectful of space. He has been haltered and lead, but is not keen on the idea. He will make a very nice breeding bull. He is a B2 which means any offspring he has with a foundation cow will result in foundation offspring.


2017 Grand Champion Bull/Steer Halter Show
2017 First Place Halter Show Fall Calf
2017 Pen Show First Place Fall Calf

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