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The Son of Two Champion Animals


Yak, Bull Calf (male) | Imperial Trim

DOB: 6/8/2017 (2 yrs)


Reserve Grand Champion Bull at 2015 NWSS


Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Appendix# B-030DOB: 4/17/20145 yrs
Parker is our breeding bull. He has great composition and is pretty wooly, but not a fluff ball. He knows his name and will come running for treats. At the 2015 Denver Western Stock Show he was awarded Reserve Grand Champion Bull in addition to Blue Ribbons for the Pen Show and Halter Show. His sire is SBR-Buck.
 IYAK - Appendix# B-030 Royal

2017 NWSS Points Champ &2016 Fiber Champ


Cow (female)Imperial
IYAK - Foundation# B046DOB: 6/12/20145 yrs
Coco is a great surprise. We bought her as part of a package deal from Patty Yaks, and she turned out to be the package. She did really well at the 2017 National Western Stock Show. She is growing quickly and has a wonderful coat. She is going to be a great breeder. She is friendly and has deep soulful eyes. She is a beautiful animal.
 IYAK - Foundation# B046 Imperial


Named after a volcano that erupted on June 8th, 1783. Laki is the son of 2017 over-all points winner, PY1-Coco, and 2015 Reserve Grand Champion Bull, SBR-Parker. We expect this bull, with distinctive trim markings, to grow into his sire's rather large shoes. He has a rich fiber coat which probably comes from his mom who was best overall fiber animal at the NWSS show in 2016 and Second in Fiber for over one year olds in 2017, He has a distinctive lightning bolt on his nose which also is shown on his grandfather, PY1 Yuki.

I am tempted to keep this guy as a steer because he is a joy to have around, but I think he would be more valuable as a fiber bull.

He has 1 cattle allele, a COI of .0564 and yak mitochondrial DNA.


2019 NWSS Pen Show
Fiber Show 2019 NWSS

Updated 8/31/2019