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A beautiful calf

SCR-Jita (pronounced Hee ta)

Yak, Heifer (female) | Imperial Trim

DOB: 4/26/2018 (1 yr)


Reserve Grand Champion Bull at 2015 NWSS


Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Appendix# B-030DOB: 4/17/20145 yrs
Parker is our breeding bull. He has great composition and is pretty wooly, but not a fluff ball. He knows his name and will come running for treats. At the 2015 Denver Western Stock Show he was awarded Reserve Grand Champion Bull in addition to Blue Ribbons for the Pen Show and Halter Show. His sire is SBR-Buck.
 IYAK - Appendix# B-030 Royal
ILY-Ervilla Pansy (Vill)

ILY-Ervilla Pansy (Vill)

Cow (female)Imperial Trim
IYAK - Foundation# A075DOB: 6/17/20136 yrs
 IYAK - Foundation# A075 Imperial Trim


This beautiful calf should turn into a great yak. She has grown quickly and is used to being around humans. She takes treats and will allow an occasional head scratch. She will be handled a lot at weaning time (starting in August). She will be available at the end of September.


Second 2019 NWSS Pen Show
First 2019 NWSS Halter Show
Reserve Grand Champion 2019 NWSS Halter Show

Updated 8/31/2019