Sold Yak - Bull Calves

Bull Calf (male)

Royal Bull Calf
Bull Calf (male)1 yr

A very cute bull royal bull calf with a squared off face like his papa. ...

2017 NWSS Grand Champion Bull
Bull Calf (male)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Appendix# 2D 092 (B2)3 yrs

Kovacs won the 2017 National Western Stock Show Halter Show Grand Champion prize as well as first place in his class in the Pen Show and Halter Show. His sire is SBR-Parker B030 and dam is ILYA-Vil...

The Son of Two Champion Animals
Bull Calf (male)Imperial Trim2 yrs

Named after a volcano that erupted on June 8th, 1783. Laki is the son of 2017 over-all points winner, PY1-Coco, and 2015 Reserve Grand Champion Bull, SBR-Parker. We expect this bull, with distinctive ...

Bull Calf (male)Imperial Trim1 yr

One of the twins. SOLD
Bull Calf (male)Royal2 yrs

Zorba means "live life every day"
Bull Calf (male)Royal5 yrs

Zorba is a very solid calf with distinctive markings. His parents are large royals and Zorba would make a great breeding bull. ...