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Rocky Mountain Yakspo

A showcase for yaks in Northern Colorado

Snowcliff Ranch has decided to host a new event for yak owners/breeders and those interested in yaks. The Rocky Mountain Yakspo will be held October 6-8, 2017 at The Ranch Event Complex in Loveland, Colorado. This is the same venue as the Larimer County Fair. The event is expected to draw 20-30 breeders, 15 vendors and will have five informational seminars throughout. Information is available at, and on Facebook at RM Yakspo. ... read full article

Hey, Hey, Hay

What to feed a yak

Yaks are good little eaters. Because of their large rumen they are efficient and will eat marginal quality grasses. They will also eat some forbs. In their native habitat they survive on low quality forage, but they also lose up to 25% of their body mass in the winter. That is not acceptable here in the US.

Each yak eats about 10 pounds of hay per day. I started our feeding my herd a mixture of really good hay and bottom bales. They did not seem to have a problem with this and just didn’t ea... read full article

New Tech Tool for Yak Owners & Breeders

Originally published in iYak E-Newsletter, Summer 2015

A few of months ago I received an email from Since I didn’t know them, the email showed up in my Spam. I was suspicious, as I usually am of things on the internet, but decided to check them out because there just aren’t that many things out there that have “Yak” in the title.

The first thing I did was to see who was associated with this software as I wanted to see if they were legit. There were some names I recognized so I called them to see what this was about. I found that Yakzz.... read full article